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Fish vs fish: How AlerTox can help detect fish allergen in your facility.

Fish are included in the FALCPA list of food allergens that cause the majority of IgE-mediated food reactions and need to be carefully labeled on food packaging. But fish is listed as a category with no differentiation between any of the myriad of species, even between bony and cartilaginous. So, why and when does fish […]

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How much allergen is too much? A primer on Action Levels

Do you know what food labels are really saying about allergens? Does anyone? How do food manufacturers differentiate between a product having “traces” of an allergen versus a product containing that allergen as an ingredient? In a perfect world, the answer would lie in action levels. Action level is the fancy term for the threshold […]

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Are Gluten Traces in GF Foods a Risk for Celiacs?

A very interesting article in the January issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition asks a compelling question in its very title: Might gluten traces in wheat substitutes pose a risk in patients with celiac disease? The study evaluated gluten-free foods from four European countries where Codex Alimentarius guidelines are followed for the labeling […]

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Differing Opinions on Gluten Analysis Research

Recently an article was published in the American Journal of Nutrition detailing the gluten content of a variety of different gluten-free foods available for sale across several European countries. Reassuringly, the study found that the overwhelming majority of products available were not only below the Codex Alimentarius guidelines of 20ppm or less detectable gluten, but […]

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Can GlutenTox Detect Gluten in Highly Acidic Foods (like Lemons)?

We often get asked whether GlutenTox Home can accurately detect gluten in highly acidic items like lemon juice. The answer in a nutshell? It sure can! Traditionally items with extreme pH balances have been tricky for gluten test kits, but GlutenTox contains a dilution solution formulated with a special pH stabilizer. To prove it, the […]

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We used GlutenTox Home to test Domino’s Gluten-Free Pizza…

Well, curiosity finally got the best of us: we bought one of Domino’s gluten-free (but not celiac-safe) pizzas to check out here in the Emport offices. After carefully following the commentary (and checking out these lab results ordered by CeliAct, which did not use the G12 antibody and which we were completely unaffiliated with), we […]

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