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OleoTest, fast and accurate test for oil freshnessThe emphasis on healthy eating is rising as health issues become more important to the consumer. Education on the issues surrounding fried food is in abundance. So, even though the appeal of fried foods remains strong, it is prudent to offer the consumer some assurance of care and attention to detail regarding the health and quality of your menu items and fried products.

OleoTest can help your facility adhere to quality control points by maintaining a high-quality cooking environment. Creating a safe environment for food production is different for every facility. There are many certification agencies and food safety consultants happy to review your facility’s current practices and work with you to develop or refine your HACCP plan to include best practices when handling fry oil.

Consumption of oil containing high polar compounds is extremely harmful and can pose health hazards such as hypertension, or high blood pressure. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition )

“From the present study, it can be concluded that reused sunflower oil and palm oil, can be toxic and can cause considerable damage to the vital organs of the experimental animals.” (Nitte University Journal of Health Science)



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Monitoring polar compounds in fryer oil
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