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OleoTest (50-test Kit)


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OleoTest (OT-50 / KIT3062) is a rapid test suitable for analyzing the total polar compounds in oils used for deep frying. There are many advantages to using OleoTest:
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  • Easy to use: No technical skills needed; sophisticated enough for a scientist, easy enough for a home chef.
  • Rapid results: 2 minutes.
  • Simple: No preparation, calibration, external reagents ,or instruments are needed.
  • No maintenance: No equipment to wash or dry, no repair expenses.
  • Easy storage and transport: Tests are pocket-sized and can be stored at room temperature.
  • Record-keeping: The test will hold stable results for months, and can be used as a record of quality control methods.
  • Safe: Non-toxic reagents. No need for high temperatures; oil can be tested at 140°F. No risk of smoke, fire, or explosion.
  • Correlation: OleoTest shows the best correlation to the official IUPAC-AOAC methods of quality control of any method available.

Kit contains everything you need to run fifty (50) tests. Orders will be shipped within 2 business days of your order via UPS Ground.

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