Qualitative Gluten Allergen Proficiency Testing Panel Express


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Are you required to run periodic proficiency tests? Do you want to assess your QA team’s gluten detection capabilities? Do you need to have your results expedited? This item is the same as Qualitative Gluten Allergen Proficiency Testing Panel, but you can get your results without having to wait for the conclusion of the study. The NSI Lab Solutions Qualitative Gluten Allergen PT Panel is designed for maximum ease and confidence. Each panel includes 3 samples with at least 1 sample containing gluten at a level close to regulatory threshold. Verified to work with various test technologies including GlutenTox Pro. Each vial contains approximately 10 grams of material.

  • Formulated by NSI Lab Solutions, an ISO/IEC 17043:2010-accredited proficiency testing provider
  • Studies are conducted quarterly
  • Perfect for training new staff
  • Validate your critical control point solutions

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