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Raw Meat FlowThrough™
swab for surfaces




Raw Meat FlowThrough™ Swabs are rapid and accurate speciation tests for detecting raw meat on surfaces.

Prevent food fraud and unintentional contamination with the Raw Meat FlowThrough™ speciation tests. Ideal for any facility handling raw meat, as well as food analysis laboratories, the kits quickly and easily detect the presence of various raw meats on visibly clean environmental surfaces. Tests are available for cow, pig, poultry or sheep. Companion FlowThrough™ speciation kits are available for testing raw meat itself.

Minimum order is two 5-test kits. Email or call to split your order between two species/analytes.

Raw Meat Species FlowThrough™ Key Attributes

  • Easy to use, no special training required
  • Includes all materials for conducting five tests
  • Reliable, sensitive detection
  • Results in < 8 minutes for surfaces, <15 minutes for foods
  • No ‘overload’ risk if high levels of contamination in foods.

Want to see how easy it is to run these tests? View the video demonstration of the Raw Meat Species FlowThrough™ Swab.

Rapid Meat Speciation for surface swabbing

Raw Cow FlowThrough™ Swab offers meat processors a new possibility to improve the effectiveness of their cleaning routines. With this simple test, you can address the current key demands for ease of sampling, high sensitivity with speed and ease of use to verify that meat species controls are working.

  • Reliable, sensitive detection
  • For use on work and storage surfaces
  • Results in under 8 minutes
  • No ‘overload’ should high levels of contamination be detected.
  • Easy to use, no special training required
  • Includes all materials for conducting five tests

Selectivity of the FlowThrough™ Swab tests for surfaces
The purified antibodies used in this kit are highly specific for the specific species albumin protein; other species (see the meats, animal sera and related foods in the table below), if they react at all, do so at levels well below the lowest detectable response level:

Contact us for a full validation report. For each test there are also reactions, to a greater or lesser degree, with closely-related species as follows:​

General test procedures

The FlowThrough™ tests are rapid, accurate and easy to use. Everything you need to conduct five tests are included in the kit. Contact us if you would like additional documentation on how the tests are conducted. The procedure for the tests are different for foods and surfaces.

The FlowThrough™ Swab Test for surfaces is equally simple. The test is a validation step in your cleaning process. Swab the selected area with consistent pressure. Snap the bulb on the sawb device and firmly squeeze to release the color reagent through the swab tip into the tube. Squeeze the bulb to empty the
liquid onto the test area through the swab tip.

Shipping and Storage of Raw Meat FlowThrough™ kits for foods and surfaces
The Raw Meat FlowThrough™ Swabs for surface tests require special handling and storage. Check the control spot before using to make sure that the kit did not degrade because of a shipping issue

  • Shipping flat-rate applies only to the continental US. Located in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico? Contacts us to arrange shipping.
  • Raw Meat FlowThrough kits will ship via UPS ?
  • Kits will be shipped in cold pack
  • Kits should be stored at 2°C/36°F to 8°C/46°F

FlowThrough™ Swabs for surfaces

  • Swabbing the surface
    The test is designed to verify the cleaning step in your process and should only be used on visibly clean surfaces.

    Although the tests are highly sensitive the detection capability is dependent upon the quality of the swabbing technique. Amongst other factors, it depends on the surface material and effectiveness of swabbing.

  • Cleaning verification
    Working strength levels of detergents or disinfectants do not affect the performance of the tests.

  • Test and Control spot intensity
    The appearance of a clearly visible Test spot no matter what the intensity should be recorded as Detected. The Control spot should always be clearly visible for the test to be valid. The Test spot (if it appears) is normally of less intensity than the Control spot. Any Test spot is indicative of an unclean surface.


Orders will be shipped on ice and may take 7-10 business days to arrive. Orders do not ship on Fridays. For product shipping to Canada, please contact us.

All sales of  FlowThrough™ are final. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Emport would be happy to answer your questions. Contact us for information on how the test works, and for ordering.

FlowThrough™ kits are not suitable for home/consumer use.

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FlowThrough™ Kit Assortment and Shipping Notes!

Minimum order is two 5-test kits. Email or call to split your order between two species/analytes. 
Kits require expedited shipping with cool packs. You will be emailed after purchase if we require additional information and/or shipping fee adjustments.
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