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But is it gluten free?

GlutenTox Home: Easy Test Detects Gluten in Foods

This easy-to-use gluten test is designed for the home! How many times do you find yourself staring at what’s on your plate, wondering if it’s safe? Maybe Aunt Susie promises the cake she baked is gluten-free. Or one of your favorite pre-diagnosis foods doesn’t have any red flags, but it isn’t labeled or certified gluten-free. […]

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The FDA has spoken!

If you’ve checked your Twitter feed today, you may have noticed one trending topic: the FDA has issued a ruling defining the term “gluten-free” for voluntary food labeling.  Here at Emport, LLC, we’re very excited about the new ruling. We know you might not have time to read all 95 pages of it, so here are […]

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Can GlutenTox Detect Gluten in Highly Acidic Foods (like Lemons)?

We often get asked whether GlutenTox Home can accurately detect gluten in highly acidic items like lemon juice. The answer in a nutshell? It sure can! Traditionally items with extreme pH balances have been tricky for gluten test kits, but GlutenTox contains a dilution solution formulated with a special pH stabilizer. To prove it, the […]

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GlutenTox Home via Military Mail

If you’ve tried to ship GlutenTox Home to an address that is not in the 50 United States, you may have noticed that it isn’t possible via our online shopping cart. Those of our customers who are located in Canada or Puerto Rico, or have an APO / Military Mail address only, never fear! We […]

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