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Best Practices: Quality Control Solutions from Emport

At Emport LLC, we consider ourselves partners, not vendors. We offer support to all of our customers, from downloadable resources to personal training.

Reference Guides

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for gluten or allergen management; every facility carries different risks and will require a different approach. Our easy reference guides offer solutions and insights into common issues for any hazard plan. Best of all, they’re available as free downloads!

  • Best Practices Flow Chart
  • Best Sampling Practices
  • Case Studies in Manufacturing
  • GlutenTox Pro
  • Testing Log
  • White paper: Get the most out of your allergen tests
Quality Control Solutions: a toolbox of free, helpful reference materials.


Supplementing our downloadable resources, Emport regularly publishes articles addressing best practices as well as issues facing our industry. We also have useful information on the GlutenTox and AlerTox kits that we distribute.

Controls and Reference Materials for Matrix Validation and Proficiency Testing

Maybe you’re training new employees on gluten testing. Maybe you’ve gotten some unexpected results while running routine tests. Maybe you want to ensure that your test kit and testing environment haven’t been contaminated with gluten. What can you do to assure that your results are correct, and not because of faults in your test procedure? The answer is simply to run a control test.

Contact Emport for a full list of available Proficiency Tests and Reference Materials.
Tests are available for Microbiology, Allergens, and more!

Video Training Sessions

Emport offers video training sessions, tailored to your team’s needs and scheduled at the time that’s best for you.

Training sessions are designed to increase user confidence and reduce user error during on-site gluten testing. Thanks to simple video technology, an Emport staff member can be available whenever is best for busy quality assurance professionals. In a custom-tailored training session, food safety team members can address site-specific concerns and also learn how GlutenTox Pro can test foods and surfaces for gluten.

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