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Sampling Consumables

Make Environmental Surface Sampling Faster and Easier

MegaSampler™ and TwinSampler™ Surface Swab System

Emport carries test kits for many food and environmental contaminants – but for some things, it’s best to get a third party lab involved. 

Whether your surfaces are made of plastic, glass, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, or something else – your sampling swab must capture a truly representative sample. That’s why we now offer the smartest swabs available, MegaSampler™ and TwinSampler™. Thoughtfully designed to increase your sampling accuracy and efficiency, these samplers feature:

  • Twice the sampling surface = twice the chance to discover problems
  • Angled tip for hard to reach places
  • Biofilm scraping blade incorporated into the handle design; break through any tough residues
  • No glue or unnecessary chemicals binding the sponge to the handle
  • Sponge separates easily from handle
  • Sampler ships in a resealable sample bag; just place the sponge back in its original bag and send it off to the lab!
  • Store on shelf or in refrigerator
  • TwinSampler™ features easy-to-split sponges so you can swab once, test twice 
TwinSampler™ comes pre-moistened with 10ml DE Neutralizing Broth.
For MegaSampler™, choose between:
    • 10ml of DE Neutralizing Broth
    • 10 ml of Letheen Broth
    • dry sponge

Competitive pricing and rapid shipping make these swabs an easy choice no matter your surface testing needs.
Call today to request your free trial MegaSampler™. Available in our online shop.

Sterile Sampling Bags

  • Sterile Sampling BagsSterile, single service bags are made of heavy transparent polyethylene.
  • Leak-proof and airtight.
  • Puncture-proof tabs.
  • Capacity is measured when the bag is closed and tab is folded over 3 times. Volume and dimensions are approximate.
  • Bags should not be used at temperatures above 180°F (82°C). Bags can be frozen to any temperature.
  • Use ordinary ballpoint pen, pencil or marker on write-on strips.
  • Double round wire closures.
  • Sterile Sampling Bags are available with and without a write-on strip.

Available in our online shop.

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