Quality Control and Allergen and Gluten Detection Test Kits for Foods, Ingredients, and Environmental Surfaces

Emport LLC specializes in food testing kits that combine user-friendly design with rigorous scientific standards. Whether testing foods, beverages, or surfaces for gluten, allergens like egg, casein or peanuts, or monitoring the quality of frying oil or water, our test kits keep your foods safe.

It does not matter whether you are a quality control analyst with years of experience in a complex lab or a student testing foods for contaminants for a science fair project, or somewhere in between — we carry a line of quality control, gluten, and allergen test kits that will fit your food safety plan.

Emport’s line of test kits can help you check incoming ingredients for traces of gluten cross contamination, test surfaces of your equipment and facility to ensure adequate sanitization between production runs, and also validate that your final product is within FDA guidelines and as gluten-free as your customers have come to expect. Whatever your specific concern, the kits will easily fit into your existing quality control plan, including allergens, gluten, safe water or fryer oil quality. Emport can help you meet your food quality standards, as well as meet the food hazard criteria in your HACCP plan.

GlutenTox - Quality and allergen control tests from Emport LLCBuy

You’ve spent time and energy developing the perfect gluten-free foods, drinks, cosmetics, or supplements. The GlutenTox test kits are specially designed to help manufacturers keep their gluten-free items safe for celiac or gluten-sensitive customers.

OleoTest - rapid testing for polar content in fryer oilBuy

Oil quality is an important factor in the production of deep-fried foods. OleoTest is a rapid and accurate test method for analyzing the total polar compounds in fryer oil. Good oil means great quality for the best-tasting foods!

AlerTox - Quality and allergen control tests from Emport LLCBuy

Our AlerTox allergen test kits detect traces of common FALCPA ingredients that can contaminate allergen-free food: soy, casein, egg, fish, peanut and more! The kit can easily be adapted to testing for surface contamination.

5in1 Water Test - Quality and allergen control tests from Emport LLCBuy

We carry a rapid and accurate water test to detect the five top risks in your water supply. The 5-in-1 Water Test will give you a snapshot of levels of contaminants that you are using in making your products.