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About Us

Emport, LLC operates with a simple mission: More safe food, more happy people.

Emport LLC offers easy, accurate test kits and related products for on-site food safety. We carry kits for allergen and gluten detection, for rapid meat speciation, for oil quality monitoring, and more. Let our friendly, knowledgeable team help you keep your products, customers, and brand reputation safe.

Benefits of working with Emport LLC

              • Wide variety of rapid test kits
              • Excellent customer service
              • Quick order turnaround
  • Free training available
  • One-stop shopping 
  • Competitive pricing

Strategic Solutions for Food Safety:

On-site Allergen Control Kits

The GlutenTox® professional line of gluten test kits are designed to identify traces of gluten in products and on surfaces. The AOAC-PTM GlutenTox Pro kit detects as little as 5ppm gluten in less than 20 minutes. AlerTox® Sticks allergen-specific test kits can test foods and environmental surfaces for major food allergens like Milk, Soy, Peanut and more. ELISA test kits are also available for facilities requiring quantitative results. Please note: ELISA assays require careful storage and use, as well as specialized equipment to operate.

Protein Residue Tests

With AllerSnap™ and PRO-Clean™ you can verify the cleanliness of surfaces by detecting protein residues left behind after cleaning. Quick and cost-effective for daily use. Protein swabbing is a popular method of confirming day-to-day cleaning activities have been performed.

Speciation Test Kits

Raw Meat FlowThrough™ Food and Swab tests are easy, accurate, and fast. They are an ideal screen for QC labs and an invaluable “early warning” system for meat processors eager to prevent food fraud/food adulteration. Detect traces of pig, cow, horse, poultry, and more. Order tests either for detecting traces of raw meat on surfaces, or in food products.

Qualitative Proficiency Testing Panels

Are you required to run periodic proficiency tests? Do you want to assess your QA team’s allergen detection capabilities? Incorporating proficiency testing into your food safety plan is a great way to boost customer confidence, and can help maintain SQF compliance.

Sampling and Swabbing

Make environmental surface sampling faster and easier with the MegaSampler™ and TwinSampler™ Surface Swab System. Competitive pricing and rapid shipping make these swabs an easy choice no matter your surface testing needs.

Lab Services and Supplies

On-site test kits are an important part of a good HACCP/HARPC plan, but for some food safety concerns it’s best to work with an outside test lab. Thanks to our ISO17025-certified partner lab, we are able to offer a variety of food safety analyses alongside our rapid test kits.

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