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Welcome to our central location for manuals, certificates, articles and other important information about our on-site test kits.

Emport LLC offers food safety tests that combine user-friendly design with rigorous scientific standards.

Whether your specific concerns are with allergens, gluten, safe water or fryer oil quality, our products fit easily into your existing food safety program and can be used by teams of any experience level. Emport can help you meet your food safety standards, as well as meet the food hazard criteria in your HACCP, HARPC or FSMA control plans.

Access this page to download manuals, validation studies and Safety Data Sheets.

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Additional resources can be downloaded from our Best Practices page.

GlutenTox Pro Controls consists of two powders in matching vials. The negative powder has been extensively tested and will always contain no detectable gluten. The positive powder will contain appx 40ppm – 80ppm gluten. These can be used for internal validation, matrix testing, or training. 

Available for online purchase – or, free on request with your first GlutenTox order 

Read our article on working with Pos/Neg Controls

No additional equipment is needed to use GlutenTox Pro or GlutenTox Pro Surface, but you may wish to have a digital scale sensitive to 0.1g. Contact us for suggestions. 

GlutenTox Sticks Plus requires equipment; contact us for a quote.

Validation sheets are available for some of the AlerTox kits. Contact us if you’re looking for the reports in additional languages.

AlerTox kitTests/KitKit numberPrice
AlerTox Almond10KT-6127 / KIT3033$175
AlerTox Crustacean10KT-6126 / KIT3036$175
AlerTox Egg10KT-5899 / KIT3025$175
AlerTox Fish10KT-6131 / KIT3038$175
AlerTox Hazelnut10KT-6129 / KIT3035$175
AlerTox Milk10KT-6495 / KIT3015$175
AlerTox Mustard10KT-6370 / KIT3040$175
AlerTox Peanut10KT-6194 / KIT3094$175
AlerTox Soy10KT-6125 / KIT3028$175
AlerTox Walnut10KT-6192 / KIT3092$175

In some cases, additional materials or equipment is suggested. For instance:

  • Grinder, mortar or any other manual or automatic homogenization system to crush the sample
  • Scissors
  • Optional: digital scale sensitive to 0.1 g

There may be additional requirements for each individual allergen kit. Please check the manual. Contact us with questions.

Species Detected and MatrixTests/KitKit numberPrice
Cow – Product Test5SP-1056$95
Horse – Product Test5SP-1258$95
Pig – Product Test5SP-1662$95
Poultry – Product Test5SP-1786$95
Sheep – Product Test5SP-1829$95
Cow – Surface Test5SP-2035$95
Pig – Surface Test5SP-2314$95
Poultry – Surface Test5SP-2664$95
Sheep – Surface Test5SP-2942$95

The OleoTest instructions contains English and Spanish translations.

OleoTes kitTests/KitKit numberPrice

Emport's Support Services & Products

Emport offers free video training sessions, tailored to your team’s needs and scheduled at the time that’s best for you.

Training sessions are designed to increase user confidence and reduce user error during on-site gluten testing. Thanks to simple video technology, an Emport staff member can be available whenever is best for your busy quality assurance professionals. In a custom-tailored training session, food safety team members can address site-specific concerns and also learn how GlutenTox Pro can test foods and surfaces for gluten.

We are happy to provide a self-administered quiz for trainees as well as documented training confirmation for your files.

Contact us to set up a session.

Are you required to run periodic proficiency tests? Do you want to assess your QA team’s allergen detection capabilities? Incorporating proficiency testing into your food safety plan is a great way to boost customer confidence, and can help maintain SQF compliance. And while it’s very possible to design a PT program in-house, using an accredited provider has advantages. The following Proficiency tests are available through our online shop: Crustacean Egg Gluten Milk Peanut Soy When you order, we’ll enroll you in either the current study, or the next closest date to ordering. If you prefer to schedule your test further into the future, let us know when purchasing.

2023 Food Chemistry Study Schedule

Study Number


Study Opens

May 10
Aug. 9
Nov. 7

Study Closes

Jul. 23
Sept. 22
Dec. 21

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for gluten or allergen management; every facility carries different risks and will require a different approach. However, we’ve created several tools to help you on your way. Emport LLC has published a series of free resources on topics important for allergen control: sample selection, best practices for testing, record keeping, and more.