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Allergen Detection

Allergen test kits for the detection of common allergens in food and on surfaces

Food allergy is an adverse immune response to a food protein. Over 160 foods can cause allergic reactions, but the majority of these reactions are caused by a small percentage of them. 

There is no single, “best” kit when it comes to detecting allergens. Accordingly, Emport LLC offers a variety of allergen test kits so that we can best match every professional need to an accurate, affordable solution.

Our catalog includes tests in three main categories: rapid general protein swabs, qualitative LFDs for specific allergens, and quantitative ELISAs for specific allergens.  

Various Nuts in  bowls on white background, top view, copy space. Nuts assortment - pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds.

Rapid General Protein Swabs

Swabbing surfaces for protein residue is a simple, quick, and cost-effective way to verify cleanliness in any food facility. The cost per test is considerably lower than other testing options, and any employee can be easily trained to administer and interpret the protein swabs.

However, they are not suitable for every situation.  Protein swabs will react to any form of protein, whether it is a major food allergen or not. They are also generally less sensitive than specific-allergen tests, and only work on surfaces (they cannot test foods). For these reasons, they are best used as one tool in a broader allergen management plan. 

At Emport LLC we offer several types of protein swab, including Hygiena Pro-Clean and Hygiena AllerSnap. Contact us to see which is right for you.

Allergen-Specific Rapid Tests (LFDs)

Testing for the presence of specific allergens is a crucial part of an allergen safety plan. Testing is important for confirming the safety of incoming ingredients, validating the effectiveness of an allergen cleaning program, and checking that finished goods are not subject to dangerous cross-contact. 

Allergen-specific rapid tests typically return qualitative results (allergen detected or not detected) in less than 20 minutes. They require little-to-no equipment and many product lines can be used to test both surfaces and product. 

At Emport LLC, we offer several types of allergen-specific rapid test from a variety of manufacturers. Our team is happy to make recommendations based on your specific needs — just contact us

Our product offering includes:

OnSite® Allergen Multiplex Tree Nut test, from Microbiologique.

This newly developed lateral flow test kit quickly detects traces of tree nut protein from multiple tree nuts. It is simple and cost-effective for situations where multiple tree nuts may be present at the same time or in the same facility.

  • Test works on surfaces and rinsewater
  • Simultaneously detects almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, walnut
  • Detects as little as 1-5 mg/kg (ppm) of tree nut protein in rinsewater or 10μg/ 100 cm2 on surfaces
  • Requires no additional equipment
  • Results in less than 20 minutes
  • Sensitive to coconut protein at levels above 50 mg/kg (ppm)
  • Refrigerated storage suggested
  • 10 tests per kit
AlerTox Sticks kits, from Hygiena.

A comprehensive line of user-friendly tests specially designed to help the food industry keep their items free from the proteins that cause allergic reaction. AlerTox Sticks kits are suitable for commercial kitchens and food/beverage manufacturing facilities. They are not designed for home use.

Kits are available for: Almond, Crustacean, Egg, Fish, Hazelnut, Milk, Mustard, Peanut, Sesame, Soy and Walnut.

  • Test works on product, surfaces, and rinsewater
  • Sensitivity varies by matrix and by allergen
  • Results in less than 12 minutes
  • Requires no additional equipment
  • Shelf-stable
  • 10 tests per kit

Allergen-Specific ELISAs

ELISA tests are valuable because they offer results as a precise, quantitative value (often in ppm or mg/kg). They also offer additional flexibility for challenging matrices.

While ELISA tests provide the greatest amount of information, they require specialized training and equipment to use. They are also most cost-effective for facilities running multiple tests for the same allergen at the same time. This is why many facilities prefer to outsource their ELISA testing to a trusted third-party lab

At times, in-house ELISA testing can be a good idea. We offer ELISA tests from multiple manufacturers for over 25 food allergens. Our product offering includes both 48- and 96-well ELISAs, both Competitive/Direct and Sandwich ELISAs, and ELISAs that are better suited to automated labs or to manual use.

Our team is happy to make recommendations based on your specific needs — just contact us