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Emport LLC offers third-party laboratory analysis for a wide range of food safety concerns: allergens, pathogens, pesticides and more.

On-site test kits are an important part of a good HACCP/HARPC plan, but for some food safety concerns it’s best to work with an outside test lab. Whether you are a small manufacturer looking for quantitative allergen analysis or a large co-packer who needs regular micro analysis on listeria and salmonella, a strong relationship with a reputable lab is crucial. Thanks to our ISO17025-certified partner lab, we are able to offer a variety of food safety analyses alongside our rapid test kits.

Rapid Lab Analysis and more

Macro shot of dozator tip and plastic plate for immunosorbent assay, molecular  diagnostics

Thanks to our ISO17025-certified partner lab, Emport is able to offer a variety of food safety analyses alongside our rapid test kits. Whether you need information on allergens, pathogens, aflatoxins or something else – we’re quite confident we can save you time, money, or both.


Make environmental surface sampling faster and easier with the MegaSampler™ and TwinSampler™ Surface Swab System. Competitive pricing and rapid shipping make these swabs an easy choice no matter your surface testing needs. We also carry a range of sterile bags for sample collection.

Quality Control Solutions: a toolbox of free, helpful reference materials.

Best Practices for in-house and independent testing. Safe and clean work environments are always crucial, and even more so now. In the fight to protect the health of our essential workers in food manufacturing, validation and verification of cleaning protocols is necessary.

GlutenTox Home 5-test kit

GlutenTox Home is the user-friendly test kit that lets people on a gluten-free diet identify traces of gluten contamination. This gluten test kit requires no special equipment and provides clear results in less than 20 minutes. Adjustable sensitivity lets you choose to test to 5ppm or 20ppm gluten. Perfect for the newly diagnosed, those searching out the root of a contamination, students with science fairs, and others.