Gluten-Free School Science Fair Experiments: Part 3!

Summer is a time to keep learning and prepare for your next school science fair! Science is sometimes regarded as a just a required subject but it really part of everyday life! Problem-solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning, communication and project management are some of the most important skills students learn in school, and science fair projects can asisst with […]

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Milk in food production

Milk allergen control in food manufacturing with AlerTox Total Milk

Milk. It’s used as an ingredient across consumer goods ranging from cheese to make-up. Since milk is one of the major allergens, control for milk allergens in food production has to be a priority in safety plans for manufacturers. In any shared facility, hazard control for allergens is a challenge, especially in cleaning procedures for […]

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Sterculia foetida (Wild Almond) fruits

All About Almonds!

Keeping your facility free of cross contact with allergens means less chance of recalls, leading to very loyal customers. Almonds are a great ingredient in countless dishes, desserts and confections. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the unlucky 1% that are allergic! Cross contact from almonds can have serious repercussions for these […]

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Turkey Day is here and we've got you covered.

Happy Gluten-Free Thanksgiving! What’s for Dinner?

Maybe you’re attending a special dinner at someone’s home for the first time, visiting your family across the country or hosting the holiday in the comfort of your own home. People who prepare that meal have either spent days or many hours putting together a delectable spread for everyone to overly stuff themselves silly. Regardless […]

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We’ll be at SQFI 2017 in Dallas. Stop by and say hello!

Closing our exhibit season by attending SQFI is something new for us and we are very excited! If you didn’t get a chance to read our last newsletter, we’ve created a super-friendly, hands-on flow chart for recommended operating procedures in your facility. We think it’s a great resource for manufacturers, consultants and professionals alike! We’ll […]

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