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Raw Meat Speciation on-site test kits

When working with raw meat, how do you protect yourself from food fraud and accidental contamination? 

The risks of meat being contaminated with animal protein from another species fall into two main categories:

  • Accidental contamination from improper processes for cleaning and separation.
  • Intentional contamination when one type of meat is passed off as another, or product is ‘stretched’ with undesirable fillers.

New to the North American market, the innovative FlowThrough tests can identify both accidental and intentional meat contamination. These easy tests allow handlers of raw meat to save time, save money, and save face in the event of a contamination issue. Tests are available for detecting traces of raw beef, horse, sheep, chicken and pork in foods and on surfaces.

The full range of FlowThrough tests for raw meat speciation help protect against unscrupulous vendors, incomplete safety protocols, and accidental mix-ups. Now, manufacturers and meat processors can detect the presence of undesirable meat species in minutes. Tests work on ingredients, raw foods, rinsewater and environment. As with all kits Emport LLC carries, the Raw Meat FlowThrough Food and Swab tests are easy, accurate, and fast. They are an ideal screen for QC labs and an invaluable “early warning” system for meat processors eager to prevent food fraud/food adulteration.

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Raw Meat FlowThrough™ speciation tests are easy enough for any facility handling raw meat, and accurate enough for food safety laboratories. They provide peace of mind as to the integrity of raw materials and products.

In under 15 minutes, these easy-to-use tests will efficiently detect low levels (<1%) of contamination in raw meat products. They are extensively validated* and are a simple way to save both time and money.

Meat Species FlowThrough™ testing for raw meatRaw Meat FlowThrough™ tests are available in packs of 5 tests:

  • Raw Cow FlowThrough™
  • Raw Horse FlowThrough™
  • Raw Pig FlowThrough™
  • Raw Sheep FlowThrough™
  • Raw Poultry FlowThrough™

The tests are require no equipment and provide fast and cost-effective test results facilities of any size. These qualitative tests utilize highly purified antibodies to detect species-specific animal serum protein (albumin), which is found at high levels in raw meat (e.g. mince), meat products (e.g. burgers) and blood drip.

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*Validated using LGC Raw Meat Certificated Reference Materials, a panel of shop-bought meats and over 50 potentially cross-reacting food ingredients as well as compared to confirmatory raw meat ELISAs.

No matter which food safety code your facility follows, you are almost certainly required to perform validation testing as well as day-to-day testing to verify that cleaning has worked as expected. The new range of Raw Meat Species FlowThrough™ Swab tests can easily help you validate and verify your cleaning routine.

Tests take under 8 minutes to perform and consist of just two components; no special equipment or training is required.

Raw Meat Species FlowThrough™ Swab tests are available for four species:

  • Raw Cow FlowThrough™ Swab
  • Raw Pig FlowThrough™ Swab
  • Raw Sheep FlowThrough™ Swab
  • Raw Poultry FlowThrough™ Swab

Since they are highly sensitive, the tests are ideal for verifying working surfaces are truly clean. The tests do not ‘overload’ even if high levels of protein are detected.

Incorporating these tests into a facility’s process controls is a simple way to minimize the potential for cross-contamination. This enhances brand reputation, raising consumer confidence and trust in labeling.

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*Contact us to discuss validation procedures for your facility.

Raw Meat Species FlowThrough™ Key Attributes

  • Easy to use, no special training required
  • Includes all materials for conducting five tests
  • Reliable, sensitive detection
  • Results in < 8 minutes for surfaces, < 15 minutes for foods
  • No ‘overload’ risk if high levels of contamination in foods.

Want to see how easy it is to run these tests? View the video demonstration of the Raw Meat Species FlowThrough™ Swab.

The Raw Meat FlowThrough™ kits for product and surfaces are available on our site. Contact us for additional details.