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GlutenTox Sticks PLUS


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GlutenTox® Sticks PLUS (KT-5340 / KIT3005) is a semi-quantitative lateral flow test designed to detect the toxic fraction of gluten found in foods and beverages and on surfaces. The kit incorporates the anti-gliadin antibody G12, which detects the toxic 33mer peptide, the primary initiator of the inflammatory response to gluten in Celiac Disease patients.

While GlutenTox Sticks PLUS are easy to use, they do require some basic lab equipment (pipettes and tubes, agitators, centrifuge and/or thermostatic bath) and 20-60 minutes.

The detection limit of GlutenTox Sticks PLUS can be adjusted between 3ppm and 100ppm depending on the dilution factor.

Necessary materials not supplied
  • Analytical scale (accurate to 0.1 g)
  • Thermostatic bath (necessary for heat-processed samples or those with complex matrix composition)
  • Capped centrifuge test tubes (>10 mL)
  • Test vials (1.5 – 2 mL)
  • Centrifuge (optional)
  • Pipettes and disposable tips
  • Disposable gloves (optional)
  • Vortex mixer (optional)
  • Tube rotator
  • Watch/chronometer

Note that an Polyphenol Extract Pack, sold separately, is recommended for items high in tannins, antioxidants, or polyphenols.

Emport LLC is happy to provide a quote for any and all lab equipment recommended for use with with GlutenTox Sticks PLUS. We can work with you to build your quality control lab from the ground up, or supplement your existing lab facilities to enable you to begin using the test kit as part of your gluten-free safety protocol.

Wondering if GlutenTox Sticks PLUS is the right gluten detection method for your organization? Contact us with any questions.

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It’s easy to use GlutenTox Sticks Plus. The kit does require some additional, basic lab equipment. GlutenTox Sticks Plus is non-refundable and non-returnable once shipped. Want to chat?