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MegaSampler™ Sponge Sampling System


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Sample your surfaces quickly, easily and accurately

The MegaSampler is the most efficient way to collect your environmental samples for a variety of food safety / microbiological tests. The Sampler features a cleverly-designed handle holding a pre-moistened sponge, individually wrapped in a reusable sample bag. Unique construction enhances sampling efficacy and speed.

  • Your choice of dry, or pre-moistened with 10 ml of either DE Neutralizing Broth or Letheen Broth
  • Angled sampling tip reaches tricky corners and crannies
  • No glue or chemicals; sponges separate easily from handle
  • Handle includes easy biofilm scraping blade

Megasampler™ Sampling Device can ship and store at ambient temperatures. For best shelf life, store at 35°f/2°c to 46°f/8°c.

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