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Microbiologique Pork Speciation for Raw Food


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Microbiologique Pork Speciation for Raw Food

      • MB-5425, MB-5310 / PA-F32-25, PA-F32-10
      • Rapid test for the detection of raw Pork
      • 10 or 25 tests for meat products only
      • Qualitative Results. LOD: 0.1%

Microbiologique Pork Speciation Food Sampling tests are rapid and accurate tests for detecting species contamination of cooked meat.

Prevent food fraud and unintentional contamination with these Pork speciation tests. Ideal for any facility working with meat, as well as food analysis laboratories. These kits quickly and easily detect the presence of unexpected raw pork. Lateral Flow kits are available in 10-test and 25-test kits for either raw or cooked meats. Need to test for other meat species? FlowThrough™ for surfaces or product kits are also available for horse, sheep, poultry, cow and pork.

Intended use

These kits are intended for sensitive and qualitative determination of either traces of cooked pork obtained from cooked meat samples OR traces of raw pork obtained from raw meat samples. They are easily used for on-site testing. They do NOT detect pork residues on surfaces.

Performance Characteristics: Cooked Pork

Limit of Detection: 1% Cooked pork

Sample Preparation Time: <20 minutes

Test Operation Time: 15 minutes

Cross-Reactivity: Does NOT cross react with beef, goat meat , lamb meat, chicken meat, turkey meat, or horse meat

Necessary materials not supplied (but available for purchase from Emport LLC)

Stomacher and 7 oz filter bags (Whirl-Pak B01385)

Scale or balance

Deionized water


Pipettor and tips (p100 and p1000)


Calibrated Lateral Flow Device or Strip Reader (optional)

Microcentrifuge tubes or containers to dilute buffer concentrate

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