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GlutenTox Sticks PLUS

Accurately test for gluten residue in ingredients, finished products and surfaces.

GlutenTox® Sticks PLUS (KT-5340) are immunochromatographic test sticks for quick detection of the toxic fraction of gluten found in foods, beverages and on surfaces. They incorporate the anti-gliadin antibody G12, which detects the toxic 33mer peptide, the primary initiator of the inflammatory response to gluten in Celiac Disease patients.

GlutenTox Sticks kit (contents)

GlutenTox Sticks PLUS are easy to use, but they do require some basic lab equipment (pipettes and tubes, agitators, a centrifuge, etc). Tests should be performed in a dedicated part of your facility. 

Do you need to create, expand or refresh your laboratory set up? Emport LLC offers a variety of lab equipment and consumables. We are happy to work with you to build your quality control lab from the ground up, or to supplement your existing lab facilities.

Wondering if GlutenTox Sticks PLUS is the right gluten detection method for your organization? Contact us with any questions.

Advantages of GlutenTox Sticks PLUS:

  • Semi-quantitative results
  • Adjustable detection limit, minimum LOD 3ppm, maximum LOD 100+ppm
  • Results in less than an hour
  • Suitable for complex matrices: hydrolyzed, fermented, and processed foods
  • No false positives, no cross-reactivity
  • Quantification is possible. Use the specially formatted GlutenTox Sticks PLUS for Reader with the Hygiena Cube.

GlutenTox ELSA logo

GlutenTox ELISA box with AOAC labelThe GlutenTox® ELISA allergen detection test kits are a collection of quantitative immunosorbent assays containing the G12 antibodies. The G12 antibody targets the most toxic fragment of gluten that triggers celiac disease. There’s more information about G12 on our site. The  GlutenTox Sandwich ELISA kit has AOAC certification.

Trouble-shooting? Looking for answers? FAQs for our kits are available and you can contact us with any questions.