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AllerSnap™ Rapid Protein Residue Test


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Rapid Protein Residue Test

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to verify your day-to-day cleaning procedure? With AllerSnap™ protein swabs, you can check for low levels of protein residues on a variety of environmental surfaces. Testing for general proteins allows you to confirm whether or not your surfaces have been adequately cleaned, and can help you conform to SQF and other food safety standards.

Easy to use and program

Ask us about the part the incubator plays in conducting AllerSnap swab tests.

How does AllerSnap™ work?

Most allergens are glycoproteins and can be detected by protein tests. AllerSnap™ uses the biuret method, which is a broad spectrum monitoring method primarily used to verify your cleaning SOP. The test is easy: swab the testing area and snap the bulb to release a reagent. Incubate the swab for 5-30 minutes then match the color to the chart: green means clean and purple means re-clean. The incubator is a necessary piece of equipment; the tests cannot by conducted with out it.

Please note: general protein swabs are not a substitute for allergen-specific tests like AlerTox Sticks and should not be used for program validation.

Product Features
  • 100 swabs/case
  • Easy to use and activate
  • Results in 5-15 minutes depending on sensitivity requirements
  • Separate incubator required
  • Proactive, qualitative approach to verification
  • Broad range, non-specific protein screening
  • Eliminates mistakes and waste
  • No separate wetting agent or reconstitution step required
  • Pre-moistened swab provides reliable collection and consistently reliable results
  • Patented Snap-Valve™ technology – snap & squeeze
  • Write-on swab tube label
  • Temperature stable, sensitive liquid-stable chemistry
  • Small, light-weight device
  • Low carbon foot print (100% recyclable)
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Detects 5 or 10 µg protein depending on incubation time and temperature

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