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OnSite® III Allergen Almond



OnSite® III Allergen Almond

  • Item No. MB-1002 / MPN PA-02
  • Rapid detection of Almond protein
  • 10 tests for Almond for foods, rinse water and surfaces
  • Limit of Detection (LOD): 1ppm
  • Cross-Reactivity: kidney bean, poppy seed

The OnSite® III Allergen test kits are designed for maximum efficiency and safety. Useful for validation of any Allergen Control Program, as well as daily monitoring. Test incoming ingredients, first products off the line, rinse water, or finished goods — plus test working surfaces with the addition of the OnSite® III Allergen Accessory Kit. Testing for multiple allergens at once? A single swab or extracted sample can be used to test 5+ different allergens. This saves time and money, reduces waste, and ensures consistent sampling across allergens. With a simple procedure and no equipment required, the kits can be used anywhere that food is made. The test should only be performed by trained personnel. OnSite® III Allergen test kits at a glance:
  • Test works on products, surfaces and rinse water
  • Equipment Required: None
  • Qualitative 3-line Results
  • Time to Results: 20 minutes
  • Storage: Refrigerate 2-8 °C (36-46 °F)
  • Available for 15+ Allergens
  • Surface Testing requires the OnSite® III Allergen Accessory Kit.
  • Test for multiple allergens from a single sample extraction
Kit Contents: OnSite® III LFD Devices (x10), Single-Use Dropper (x10), Single-Use Sampling Spoons (x10), OnSite® LFD Extraction Buffer A, Extraction Tubes (x10), Instructions for Use

Testing Surfaces?

The OnSite® III Allergen Accessory Kit (PA-46) is required for all surface testing and sold separately. Kit includes:

  • 10 single-use breakaway swabs
  • 10 single-use extraction vials

Accessory Kit can be used for all OnSite® III Allergen test kits that use the OnSite® III Allergen LFD Buffer A. Use one swab to test for multiple allergens, saving time and reducing single-use plastics.

Testing Surfaces for Multiple Tree Nuts?

Consider OnSite Allergen Multiplex Tree Nut. Kit contains everything you need to simultaneously test for 6 common tree nuts (almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, and walnut) on working surfaces. 

OnSite® III Allergen Kits Available for the Following Analytes:

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