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Coming to New Orleans for IFT 2019?

Emport will be in New Orleans for IFT19!

Meet us there June 3-5, 2019 We’re looking forward to attending IFT in June. Stop by Booth 426 and meet Emport team members. We’ll be showcasing our rapid allergen testing kits for gluten and more! Our rapid tests are: Flexible: test foods, liquids and surfaces with one kit Quick: A reliable answer in less than […]

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Allergen Gad c 1

Fish vs fish: How AlerTox can help detect fish allergen in your facility.

Fish are included in the FALCPA list of food allergens that cause the majority of IgE-mediated food reactions and need to be carefully labeled on food packaging. But fish is listed as a category with no differentiation between any of the myriad of species, even between bony and cartilaginous. So, why and when does fish […]

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What’s the difference between LFD , ELISA and PCR testing?

Allergen control has become increasingly important for food manufacturers, due in large part to consumer demand for safe foods and federal regulations. There are many techniques in a responsible hazard plan for allergen-free products: reputable sourcing, established cleaning procedures, final transportation of the product, etc. A mis-step with an undeclared allergen can be devastating to […]

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But is it gluten free?

GlutenTox Home: Easy Test Detects Gluten in Foods

This easy-to-use gluten test is designed for the home! How many times do you find yourself staring at what’s on your plate, wondering if it’s safe? Maybe Aunt Susie promises the cake she baked is gluten-free. Or one of your favorite pre-diagnosis foods doesn’t have any red flags, but it isn’t labeled or certified gluten-free. […]

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Save on your taxes! GlutenTox Home is tax deductable.

GlutenTox Home as a Qualified Medical Expense

Your Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account is a great way to keep healthcare costs down. Did you know GlutenTox Home kits are a Qualified Expense? Today’s post is all about Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Agreements, and Flex Spending Accounts (HSA, HRA, FSA). Did you know that GlutenTox Home is a Qualified Medical […]

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What would you do during a recall event?

Food recalls can have a serious, long-term impact on consumer confidence in your brand, beyond the specific recalled product. In 2017, 218 food products posed health risks to unknowing consumers because allergenic ingredients were not properly displayed on product labels. According to Food Safety Magazine, this category dominates the recall arena. The most common reasons […]

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SQF 18

We’re going to Atlanta for SQF in October!

We’re looking forward to attending the SQF 2018 conference. We’ll be showcasing our rapid allergen testing kits for gluten and more! Our rapid tests are: Flexible: test foods, liquids and surfaces with one kit Quick: A reliable answer in less than 20 minutes Reliable: Shelf-stable and long-lasting Stop by for a demonstration; we can talk about how Emport […]

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