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Science Fair project testing pizza sauce for gluten

Award-Winning Science Fair with GlutenTox Home, Pizza Edition: Attack of the Gluten Molecule

Today’s blog post is especially exciting, because it’s been written by our guest blogger, Bethany Jeffries. Bethany is an award-winning young scientist who used GlutenTox Home to test some interesting hypotheses about cross-contamination of popular gluten-free foods. Her science fair project earned first place (!!!) in the biomedical division at her area’s regional competition — […]

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Gluten-Free School Science Fair Experiments: Part 3!

Summer is a time to keep learning and prepare for your next school science fair! Science is sometimes regarded as a just a required subject but it really part of everyday life! Problem-solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning, communication and project management are some of the most important skills students learn in school, and science fair projects can asisst with […]

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We used GlutenTox Home to test Domino’s Gluten-Free Pizza…

Well, curiosity finally got the best of us: we bought one of Domino’s gluten-free (but not celiac-safe) pizzas to check out here in the Emport offices. After carefully following the commentary (and checking out these lab results ordered by CeliAct, which did not use the G12 antibody and which we were completely unaffiliated with), we […]

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