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The most cutting-edge research behind gluten detection and celiac disease / gluten sensitivity.

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Fish vs fish: How AlerTox can help detect fish allergen in your facility.

Fish are included in the FALCPA list of food allergens that cause the majority of IgE-mediated food reactions and need to be carefully labeled on food packaging. But fish is listed as a category with no differentiation between any of the myriad of species, even between bony and cartilaginous. So, why and when does fish […]

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Precautionary labeling and manufacturing facilities

Manufacturers and precautionary labeling: when good manufacturing practices aren’t enough

In the first installment of a two-part post on Precautionary Labeling, we examined the difficulties the average consumer faces in purchasing food for someone with allergen sensitivities. Studies revealed consumers have a relatively difficult time confidently selecting allergen-free products for members of their family. With no legal guidelines on how a manufacturer should label a […]

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GlutenTox Sticks Kit

GlutenTox® Sticks Plus kit, even better!

Emport is pleased to announce a newly improved version of the GlutenTox® Sticks Plus kit, making it the most sensitive method currently available on the market for the detection of gluten. GlutenTox® Sticks Plus is designed to help food manufacturers monitor for gluten at every step of production. This test kit also allows quick decisions […]

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Emport looks at 2016

Emport reviews 2016!

What’s been happening in research and development in gluten and wheat? Every year brings advances in knowledge about gluten, Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance. With the end of 2016 approaching, we thought now would be the best time to review some of the recent research and developments that affect the gluten free community. If we’ve […]

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Monitoring gluten immunogenic peptides (GIP)

Research into various celiac mediations aside, complete compliance with a gluten free diet remains the only reliable treatment for celiac disease. Whether through accidental exposure or the conscious decisions to ‘cheat’, when it comes to ingesting gluten with celiac disease, gut mucosal damage is still a very real consequence – along with all of the negative […]

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GlutenTox Pro: Now with AOAC-RI Certification!

We are delighted to share the press release, below, detailing the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested MethodTM certification that GlutenTox® Pro has just received for the detection of gluten in foods and on surfaces. If you’d prefer, download the press release in PDF form here: GlutenTox Pro – AOAC-RI Press Release 2015 Emport LLC, in […]

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Narrowing the field: defining non-celiac wheat senstivity

A significant proportion of the world’s population has adverse reactions to wheat proteins. Celiac Disease and wheat allergies have been studied for decades, and their characteristics are well-enough understood that the disorders can be diagnosed and a treatment plan implemented. A major obstacle in treating non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS) has been diagnosing the disorder, which […]

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Potential breakthrough treatment for Celiac Disease

You’ve heard of nanotechnology, but are you familiar with Nanomedicine? Nanomedicine is a fast-developing field, employing new, and newer, technologies to improve the targeted delivery of drugs and the repair of damaged cells. The development of these tiny robots is touching every aspect of medicine. We are most excited about the application of nanoparticles as […]

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