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Can we talk about fryer oil?

The main function of oil during the frying process is to confer desirable texture and flavor to food. Since food absorbs oil in the process of frying, oil becomes an essential ingredient. The quality of fryer oil must be considered if you want to maintain a high standard for your final product. Eight reasons why […]

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OleoTest, fast and accurate test for oil freshness

Fresher Oil, Better Taste with OleoTest®

Caring about your fry oil’s Total Polar Content: better for health, better for business. Nowadays, deep-frying food is one of the most widespread culinary and industrial cooking techniques in the world. Fried products are well perceived by customers because of their texture and distinctive flavor. But light, heat and moisture all take their toll during […]

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Just how easy is it to use our tests?

We love that our tests are so easy to use, without any sacrifice to accuracy or quality. A new videos have just been released, demonstrating the testing procedure for OleoTest. The test doesn’t require any scientific equipment, as you can see in the videos.

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Turkey day!

It’s getting close to Turkey Day, and everyone everywhere is talking deep-fried turkeys. It’s a delicious, succulent and crispy way to do turkey for the holiday. Recommendations for making what is becoming a modern tradition are abundant, and tailored for the novice to the experienced. We here at OleoTest thought we’d get in on the […]

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