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Precautionary labeling and manufacturing facilities

Manufacturers and precautionary labeling: when good manufacturing practices aren’t enough

In the first installment of a two-part post on Precautionary Labeling, we examined the difficulties the average consumer faces in purchasing food for someone with allergen sensitivities. Studies revealed consumers have a relatively difficult time confidently selecting allergen-free products for members of their family. With no legal guidelines on how a manufacturer should label a […]

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How much allergen is too much? A primer on Action Levels

Do you know what food labels are really saying about allergens? Does anyone? How do food manufacturers differentiate between a product having “traces” of an allergen versus a product containing that allergen as an ingredient? In a perfect world, the answer would lie in action levels. Action level is the fancy term for the threshold […]

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Introducing our newest kit, GlutenTox Pro Surface!

Testing surfaces for gluten contamination? It’s never been easier! We are pleased to announce our newest test kit: GlutenTox Pro Surface is designed to meet demand for a surfaces-only test. Each kit comes with everything you need to conduct 50 environmental tests. Our more familiar kit, GlutenTox Pro, is still available and can be used […]

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