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It’s Official: GlutenTox Home Reaches US Shores

GlutenTox Home; easy-to-use gluten detection - at home!I’m quite happy to post our first press release.
You can download the .doc file here: GlutenTox Home Reaches US Shores.

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GlutenTox Home Reaches US Shores
New kit detects gluten in food and drinks, bringing peace of mind to celiacs

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Emily Kaufman, Emport, LLC
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Seville, Spain and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 10, 2011 — Joining forces from across the Atlantic Ocean, Biomedal Diagnostics and Emport LLC have partnered together to bring GlutenTox Home to the US. GlutenTox Home is a new, user-friendly kit that detects even low levels of gluten in foods and liquids. Accurate, sensitive and easy to use, GlutenTox Home delivers peace of mind wrapped up in a box to Americans with celiac disease.

Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes intolerance to gluten and requires a strict gluten-free diet, affects at least 3 million Americans – 97% of whom have not yet been diagnosed. Celiacs cannot eat food that has had any contact with gluten whatsoever, either fried in the same oil or cut on the same board. Unsurprisingly, the disease not only affects the diets of celiacs, but their social lives as well. Many celiacs find it a challenging task to eat safely, constantly making sure their food is gluten-free in a world rich in gluten. GlutenTox Home is perfect for celiacs on the go, parents of children with celiac disease, businesses that want to guarantee gluten-free food to their consumers and those who choose to maintain a gluten-free diet.

“Imagine a friend delights you with a homemade birthday cake, not knowing whether the cookware used had contact with gluten before.” said Catherine Torgler, International Business Development Manager at Biomedal, “You are uncertain about it so you use the kit to check a small piece of the cake, to find out that the cake is completely gluten-free. You and other celiac friends can now safely enjoy it.”

GlutenTox Home, although compact in size, is a powerful tool that can provide a safeguard not only for celiacs but also for any type of kitchen that feeds people who are gluten-intolerant: hospitals, day care, schools, restaurants, etc. The kit contains a new antibody called G12 that Biomedal developed to specifically recognize the toxic portion of gluten present in wheat, barley, rye and oat that prompts the auto-immune response in celiac patients. GlutenTox Home ensures that gluten-intolerant diners can eat the tested food without any worries of a negative reaction.

Available in a 2-pack and 5-pack kit, GlutenTox Home comes with everything a person needs to detect gluten in foods and liquids. Aligning with the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex), the international organization that seeks to ensure food is correctly labeled, GlutenTox Home detects 20 ppm (parts per million). It also has the ability to detect as little as 5 ppm in food for those who need a stricter gluten-free diet. In addition, the user-friendly kit produces these precise results in less than 20 minutes.

“As someone who was diagnosed with celiac disease almost 10 years ago, I know how stressful living gluten-free can be,” said Emily Kaufman, president of Emport LLC. “I’m beyond excited to be working with Biomedal to improve quality of life for celiacs and the people who love them here in the US.”

Currently distributed in Spain and other parts of Europe by Biomedal Diagnostics, GlutenTox Home is now available in the United States via Emport, LLC. In addition to selling the kit online, Emport, LLC is working with retailers to place GlutenTox Home on store shelves nationwide.

GlutenTox Home is available for purchase at our online shop.
Learn more about our line of GlutenTox test kits.

About Emport LLC:
Emily Kaufman began Emport, LLC in 2011 as a way to further help fellow celiacs stay safe, healthy, and well-fed. Emport is focused on making GlutenTox Home available in the US, and dedicated to raising awareness of celiac disease.

About Biomedal Diagnostics:
Biomedal S.L. is a biotechnology company whose mission is to develop and commercialize new technologies, services and products for research, bioindustry and diagnostics. Biomedal Diagnostics offers a large variety of products and services related to human health. It already holds a position in the market of products for analysis related to immunological diseases, and rapid tools for food safety analysis.

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