Looking for GlutenTox in Canada?

Canadian FlagWe know it’s historically been difficult for those of you in Canada to access GlutenTox for your testing needs. That’s why we’re so happy to share a new website with you:

If you are purchasing GlutenTox Home and would like it to ship to a Canadian address, you can order directly on glutentox.net and your kit will ship from Ontario to your doorstep. All quantities of test are available: the 2-test GlutenTox Home sample kit, the 5-test kit for testing a few different foods, beverages, or personal care products, and the 10-test kit for those of you who have a larger variety of testing needs.

Through the site, you’ll also be able to contract our Canadian partners to discuss using GlutenTox Pro or GlutenTox Sticks in your commercial kitchen, gluten-free foods manufacturing facility, or other professional setting.

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