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Several months into the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that PPE will be the new normal for quite some time. Accordingly, Emport LLC offers a hand-selected variety of personal protective equipment for workplace use.

From day one, Emport LLC has taken its motto seriously: More Safe Food, More Happy People. Although originally focused solely on gluten detection kits, Emport LLC’s product offerings have expanded to include a variety of food safety and quality control products and services.

In keeping with this mission, Emport LLC now offers a variety of day-to-day PPE for workplace safety and comfort. Available in small quantities, in bulk, and also with subscription discounts, the PPE assortment is suitable for offices, manufacturing facilities, food service and more.

Emport LLC’s assortment of workplace safety gear includes – but is not limited to! – the following items:

  • Latex-free gloves, both food service grade vinyl and standard nitrile
  • Disposable face masks, both 3-ply surgical-style and Kn95 filter masks
  • Reusable masks, made of a comfortable and washable stretch fabric
  • Face shields to protect eyes, nose and mouth during the full workday
  • Balaclava-style hoods to cover hair, nose and mouth – in stretch mesh or anti-static poly
  • Anti-static shoe covers
  • Hand Sanitizer and 80% ethyl alcohol by the gallon
  • Contactless thermometers for rapid temperature checks
  • Safe-at-work packs with enough gear to last 5 employees a month

Emport LLC’s staff is happy to help your buying team determine the correct items for your location and to suggest an ordering schedule to allow for maximum cost savings. All items are in stock and ready to ship out.

Facilities may also wish to incorporate regular coronavirus-specific monitoring into their virus safety and employee health plans. Accordingly, Emport LLC is pleased to offer sample collection kits and third party lab analysis for SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. Our FDA-EUA lab partners are able to check for virus via both environmental surface swabs as well nasal swabs. Cost-effective and rapid results help your team spot and manage potential outbreaks – keeping your employees safe and boosting workplace morale.

Questions about our subscription and bulk programs?

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