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OnSite® III Allergens

Emport LLC is pleased to add Onsite® III Allergen, a new line of allergen tests to our lineup of easy, accurate food safety solutions. Allergen management is not one-size-fits-all: we’re here to match you to the very best kits for your unique needs. The OnSite® line joins our existing product line-up, to help keep your facility and products safe and FSMA/FALCPA-compliant.

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The OnSite® III Allergen test kits are designed for maximum efficiency. Useful for validation of any Allergen Control Program, as well as daily verification and monitoring. The tests can detect traces of allergens in incoming ingredients, finished goods, rinse water, and working surfaces. With a simple procedure and no lab equipment required, the kits can be used anywhere that food is made.

OnSite® III Allergen test kits at a glance:

  • Test works on products, surfaces and rinse water
  • Equipment Required: None
  • Qualitative 3-line Results
  • Time to Results: 20 minutes
  • Storage: Refrigerate 2-8 °C (36-46 °F)
  • Available for 15+ Allergens
  • Surface Testing requires the OnSite® III Allergen Accessory Kit.
  • Test for multiple allergens from a single sample extraction

Swabbing surfacesTesting Surfaces?

Tired of using multiple swabs in between production runs? Having trouble keeping your samples straight? Reduce plastic and save time with OnSite® III Allergen.

A unique feature of the OnSite® III Allergen test kits:
Use one single extraction or one single swab — and test for multiple allergens.
The OnSite® III Allergen Accessory Kit (PA-46) is required for all surface testing and sold separately. Kit includes:

  • 10 single-use breakaway swabs
  • 10 single-use extraction vials

Accessory Kit can be used for all OnSite® III Allergen test kits that use the OnSite® III Allergen LFD Buffer A. Use one swab to test for multiple allergens, saving time and reducing single-use plastics.

Testing Surfaces for Multiple Tree Nuts?

Consider OnSite Allergen Multiplex Tree Nut. Kit contains everything you need to simultaneously test for six common tree nuts (almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, and walnut) on working surfaces.

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