What are you thankful for this holiday season?

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Emport LLC!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Emport LLC!

It’s Thanksgiving, the time of year to take a moment to express gratitude for the support of family, friends and community. Here at Emport, there are many things that we’re thankful for: Family and friends are the first line of defense for those with food allergies. They’re there to help keep you safe, support you when you have a reaction, and give you a hand with the grocery shopping. Here’s a resource for learning how to explain your needs to well-meaning friends who want to cook for you. Of course, there are more sources for support. There are organizations that work to bring you news about breakthroughs in treatment, about new products that are appropriate for you, and about new legislation that affects the communities of allergen sufferers. Some of the sites we go back to time after time: Gluten- and Allergen-free piesFood is the cornerstone of the allergen-free community. It is an active community, with a staggering number of sites that offer recipes for allergen-free alternatives to traditional fare. Gluten free versions of popular desserts always come up. What’s great is that there are so many wonderful options for baking gluten free pie crusts. Here are a some from our favorite recipe sites: With interest growing in eating Vegan, a lot of sites offer recipes that are perfect for people with reactions to other allergens, like dairy and egg. In Johanna’s Kitchen offers a great example of an allergen-free pie crust. Whether this is your first allergen-free holiday, or if you’re an old hand at creating alternatives to traditional meals, it’s easy to find recipes for a safe and allergen-free dinner. A full menu is available at GlutenFree and More. We want to take a moment to wish you a happy, and safe Thanksgiving holiday. It is our goal, after all, to help bring more safe food to more happy people.
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