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Looking for some great new recipes?
Here are a few of our favorite sites!

One of the difficulties with planning any daily menu is to keep things fresh; let’s face it, nobody wants eat the same thing day after day after year! This can be especially challenging if you have dietary restrictions. As such, we’re always on the lookout for new recipes and new sources! to keep our family and guests clamoring for more.

What makes a great source for recipes? Here’s the shortlist:


Everybody uses their laptop when they're cooking, right?
Everybody uses their laptop when they’re cooking, right?
  • A unique take
  • Easy to follow
  • Well organized
  • New, fresh recipes, posted regularly!

Pictures of the process really help, but it’s just as important to have the ingredients and method concisely laid out. The recipe should also accompany videos, which can be essential when using an unusual technique or process.

Some of the best recipes sources offer a combination of recipes that are naturally gluten or allergen free, as well as adaptations for traditionally made dishes.

We have a few favorite places that we’ve returned to for inspiration. Here’s our list!


  • Laura’s Gluten-Free Kitchen and Gluten-Free Goddess are great resources for a combination of recipes adapted from traditional dishes and those that are naturally gluten-free.
  • The site name says it all: The Domestic Man. Gluten free recipes with a very manly take.
  • Grain Changer focuses on adapting traditional recipes to allergen- and gluten-free versions.
  • Simply Gluten-Free is an incredible well-organized collection, updated with new recipes on a regular basis.
  • Although not billing itself as allergen- or gluten- friendly, Fine Dining Lovers has recipes that are naturally allergen- or gluten- free, as well as a nicely curated section of gluten-free recipes.
  • Looking for some inspiration for all things baked? Check out Sarah Bakes Gluten-Free and her really appetizing photography.

This list is not meant to be a catalog of all of the great sites that offer recipes for allergen-restricted diets. These are simply the ones that we’ve found it handy to have bookmarked. But here’s our question: Who do you look to for recipes and ideas?

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