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New and improved AlerTox Sticks Peanut

Emport is pleased to announce an expansion to the AlerTox Sticks line of easy, on-site allergen detection kits: AlerTox Sticks Peanut.

The newly redesigned rapid test is designed for food manufacturers whose foods, beverages and/or working surfaces may become contaminated with peanut proteins.

Emport LLC, longtime distributor for Hygiena’s GlutenTox and AlerTox test kits, is pleased to offer the new and improved AlerTox Sticks Peanut test kit. This kit is suitable for both food and beverage manufacturing and commercial kitchen environments.

More than six million Americans suffer from peanut allergies, and can display a range of symptoms ranging from mild to deadly if exposed to even trace amounts of peanut protein. Accordingly, FDA regulations under both FALCPA and FSMA require food manufacturers to take great care to ensure that any foods containing peanut are clearly labeled. Manufacturers must also ensure that their products do not contain unlabeled traces of peanut protein.

Because allergen-specific rapid testing is a key resource for food manufacturers, Emport LLC is pleased to reintroduce the AlerTox Sticks Peanut rapid test. The kit improvements include increased sensitivity and stability. AlerTox Sticks Peanut can detect as little as 1ppm of peanut protein in foods and liquids, and as little as 4ug/16cm2 on environmental surfaces. It requires no equipment, no refrigeration, and less than 15 minutes total time. “Maintaining a safe, gluten-free manufacturing environment is hard work, and so we pride ourselves on offering easy solutions,” says Emport LLC president Emily Kaufman. “This highly sensitive test will allow our customers to easily catch potential hazards and avoid recalls.”

About Emport LLC: Started in 2011, Emport, LLC operates with a simple mission: more safe food, more happy people. The company distributes a growing assortment of quality control methods for commercial kitchens within the United States and Canada, including GlutenTox, AlerTox and OleoTest.

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